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This section will provide you with information on two WebRTC-based applications we developed on our own platform: InstaCall and the OnSIP app. You may have seen simplified demo versions of these apps, but the full products we offer have extensive, tested functionality for business use.


With a simple button script, InstaCall enables instant video calling from any webpage.

OnSIP customers commonly take advantage of InstaCall to streamline calling directly from their business website. Businesses are able to place unique InstaCall buttons on different webpages that start a call to any OnSIP endpoint, such as a call group, queue, announcement, or individual phone. This effectively allows their website visitors to skip the main phone tree and speak with the appropriate team or representative right from the webpage they are viewing.

OnSIP customers can generate InstaCall button scripts from the OnSIP Admin Portal. Customers can configure different InstaCall themes, text prompts, whether to display a dialpad for DTMF, the appearance of their InstaCall button, and more.

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The OnSIP App

The OnSIP app includes a video-capable phone app that runs right in the browser.

We offer this app to our customers as a cost-free alternative to desk phones and a download-free alternative to other softphone applications. It can be used as a primary phone for OnSIP end users, or as a way for traveling users to work remotely without missing a beat.

The OnSIP app is capable of business phone functions including call transfer, hold, mute, multiple call management, and more. It is also capable of receiving and displaying custom data (sent as a JSON object) about the call. Beyond the data it receives, the OnSIP app's appearance and functionality is not currently customizable. (Though you can build OnSIP app applications using SIP.js as seen in this demo.)

To use the app, OnSIP customers can visit app.onsip.com and login with their OnSIP SIP address and password. If you would like to try the OnSIP app, you can signup for a free trial and login with the user credentials we provide.

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