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Salesforce integrated phone system provider leverages OnSIP to connect customers’ phones

Ringio leverages the OnSIP platform to power their customers’ VoIP phones. This partnership has alleviated Ringio customers from the additional costs associated with maintaining separate phone lines to connect to the Ringio platform.

Up until the partnership, Ringio, focused on delivering CRM-friendly phone solutions to businesses, necessitated that customers connect their phones to the Ringio platform over the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). After customers requested the ability to receive their calls over the internet, removing the need for additional phone lines, Ringio sought a reliable and scalable hosted SIP platform and found OnSIP.

“As a CRM phone solution company that seeks to enrich customer interactions, Ringio needed to leverage a SIP service that was highly reliable,” said Ringio President & CTO Ashish Soni. “OnSIP’s hosted services allowed us to focus on what we do best while delivering high quality, trustworthy VoIP calls to customers. Additionally, OnSIP offered feasibly priced services and tools to get started and scale up.”

With over 45,000 customers, OnSIP is a leading provider of unified communications services to businesses and a real-time communications Platform as a Service (PaaS). OnSIP’s PaaS offerings are comprised of SIP domain hosting, registrar, and proxy services, user and account management and reporting, and more. OnSIP services can be managed via APIs as well as a web-based Admin Portal.

“We’re happy to partner with Ringio on this solution,” said Robert Wolpov, President and Cofounder of OnSIP. “From the onset, we recognized wide ranging opportunities for service providers to incorporate real-communications over SIP in their own applications, which is why we designed OnSIP as a Platform as a Service with redundancy and scalability in mind. We use redundant servers, routers, Tier 1 Internet connections, and upstream carriers to provide businesses with the most reliable and seamless real-time communications platform available.”

Under the hood, Ringio utilizes OnSIP SIP hosting, SIP proxy, and account management services to provide a SIP address to each Ringio user requesting calls over SIP. When Ringio receives calls for their customers from the PSTN, they handle the call and route to the customer’s OnSIP SIP address, which OnSIP proxies to the registered Ringio customer’s phone.

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