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Communications company builds in-store live video chat tool using the OnSIP Platform

“How do you place the right information in front of a customer at a key moment — especially when their intent to purchase is highest?”

Carolina Leon, LiveNinja Director of Marketing, noted that question as the genesis for the LiveNinja Kiosk, an in-store device that connects shoppers with product representatives over a live video call. Kiosks can be placed in any retail location, where a shopper can call a rep at the moment of his/her purchase decision to answer any questions s/he might have.

LiveNinja chose WebRTC for the video component of the product, but they needed a signaling platform to handle events such as setting up and ending a call. They ultimately selected the SIP protocol to control those call events.

“We chose SIP for a few reasons, primarily because it has been battle tested in the telecom industry for over a decade and would allow us to reach beyond the browser and support standard VoIP phones or even PSTN calls,” said Ms. Leon.

To build the Kiosk, LiveNinja utilized OnSIP’s reliable and scalable Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering, as well as SIP.js, our JavaScript library that allows developers to add a full SIP signaling stack to WebRTC apps.

“In searching and testing a variety of JavaScript based SIP libraries, SIP.js consistently stood out because of its active development, clean stack, and cross browser support. For us, choosing SIP.js was a no brainer.”

The LiveNinja Kiosk is a custom SIP client that is installed on a locked iPad. The client registers with OnSIP, and when a shopper starts a call, the client initiates a SIP call to a queue of available representatives at an off-site location. This enables a company’s reps to assist multiple shoppers across many different retail locations.

“That representative could then potentially convert that customer and give them a much better buying experience without the cost of sending dedicated representatives to reseller stores across the globe.” This ability allows for “increased brand loyalty from the consumer and cost savings for the brand. It’s a win-win.”

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