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IceHook Systems

IceHook Systems, based in Brooklyn, NY, is a software development company that specializes in communications solutions. They are the creators of FireRTC, a webphone that connects the traditional telephone network with data-rich web real-time communications (WebRTC) technology.

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“How do you place the right information in front of a customer at a key moment — especially when their intent to purchase is highest?”

Carolina Leon, LiveNinja Director of Marketing, noted that question as the genesis for the LiveNinja Kiosk, an in-store device that connects shoppers with product representatives over a live video call. Kiosks can be placed in any retail location, where a shopper can call a rep at the moment of his/her purchase decision to answer any questions s/he might have.

LiveNinja chose WebRTC for the video component of the product, but they needed a signaling platform to handle events such as setting up and ending a call. They ultimately selected the SIP protocol to control those call events.

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Ringio leverages the OnSIP platform to power their customers’ VoIP phones. This partnership has alleviated Ringio customers from the additional costs associated with maintaining separate phone lines to connect to the Ringio platform.

Up until the partnership, Ringio, focused on delivering CRM-friendly phone solutions to businesses, necessitated that customers connect their phones to the Ringio platform over the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). After customers requested the ability to receive their calls over the internet, removing the need for additional phone lines, Ringio sought a reliable and scalable hosted SIP platform and found OnSIP.

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General Devices

General Devices (GD) exists to improve the health and wellbeing of the public at large by providing technology solutions to public safety responders and health care providers. For more than a quarter century, GD been the leader in EMS-hospital communications and mobile telemedicine systems, connecting care providers nationwide and handling thousands of calls daily.

GD utilizes OnSIP for for e-Bridge™ Mobile Telemedicine, a pioneering mobile telemedicine system that allows EMS professionals to place secure video calls during ambulance rides, ensuring proper care is ready and available immediately upon arrival to hospitals for the most distressed patients.

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